What is the Best Flooring for Your Conservatory?

Conservatories are a beautiful addition to any home.

They provide a place for you to relax and entertain guests. Conservatories also allow the family to enjoy the garden from a different perspective, especially in the colder months when being outside is impossible.

However, choosing the correct flooring for your conservatory is a big decision. The best flooring allows the room to look great, maximises each room’s potential, and regulates the temperature.

Does Carpet go in a Conservatory?

Well, the most significant benefit of carpet is the warmth it provides.

If your conservatory is north facing, it may likely be colder than you would like. Carpet will make the room feel more ‘cosy’ and make the space more suitable for year-round use.

Carpets can be superb if you have children in the home, where tiles or wooden flooring may be uncomfortable or even dangerous. It is also one of the most affordable options, great for those completing their conservatory on a budget.

However, a considerable downside to carpet in conservatories is that it is not durable. The constant sunlight can cause the carpet to fade, combined with regular traffic, the carpet will often need replacing much sooner than other alternatives.

Can I put Vinyl Floor Tiles in a Conservatory?

Vinyl is not the flimsy, unattractive material it once was!

It is now available in a massive array of designs and colours, and once installed affords the room a very high finish.

A huge benefit of vinyl is the way it transmits and reflects light. A conservatory room is designed to bring the sunshine in, and a vinyl flooring works perfectly with this aim.

Vinyl products are also effortless to clean, an excellent option for homes with pets. Additionally, many vinyl products offer an anti-slip flooring solution.

There is a considerable spectrum of vinyl products, meaning they range to not only suit every style, but you will confidently find something to match every budget too.

Many vinyl products are designed to look like wood or tiles, at a fraction of the cost.

Can I Lay Laminate Flooring in my Conservatory?

Laminate flooring is a popular option for conservatories, proving solid wood’s beauty without the enormous costs.

Another advantage of laminate flooring over solid wood is that it does not fade in the same way.

Laminate flooring is often neutral, meaning it will suit just about any furniture and design style. This means that if you want to redecorate during the lifespan of your laminate flooring, replacing the flooring will not be a cause for concern.

Laminate not only looks great, but it is also straightforward to install. So long as you have measured the room accurately, the laminate flooring should not be difficult to fit. This means the laminate is both considerably more inexpensive than solid wood, and you will also save on the fitting costs.

Are Real Tiles or Stone Good for Conservatories?

Tiles are an attractive option for conservatories. They are extremely durable and will not be susceptible to damage via sunlight in the same way that carpet would be.

Tiles look very sophisticated and generally are not trend-driven. Meaning, they will not go out of style and will keep the room looking fabulous for years to come. Real tiles are usually one of the most expensive options but can be seen as an investment into the home due to their long lifespan.

The biggest downside to real tiles is that they are not always temperature effective. In the depths of winter, they can become freezing, and without a rug, can even render rooms unusable. In the summer, they can become hot and may not be suitable for pets or small children.

Should I Get Under Floor Heating?

Although you will undoubtedly lose more heat through the roof than you will through the floor, underfloor heating can provide an excellent solution to enable you to use your conservatory in the cooler months.

Underfloor heating can work well with pretty much every flooring option but is particularly useful for ceramic tiles, which can be susceptible to cold.

It’s a Personal Choice!

The right choice for your home will undoubtedly come down to your house, your tastes, and your budget. Balancing these factors is essential to ensuring you choose the conservatory flooring which will best suit your home.

Think about what you want to use the room for. If the room receives heavy traffic or children will be playing in the area, vinyl will likely provide the best option. For conservatories that will be used as entertainment spaces in the summer months, tiles can give an elegant, beautiful finish.

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